3 Reasons to Use an Outside Board of Experts

Jeff Prouty

Jeff Prouty

Is your company leadership rethinking a new product idea, marketing strategy, staff alignment or financial hurdle?

I recommend bringing in a group of borrowed executives (we called them the “Red Team”) from successful organizations and brands to review the strategy and share insights.  Here are the benefits of this type of corporate retreat.

  1. A facilitator guides the group in an environment that’s structured, yet creative.
  2. The Red Team is charged with making your ideas better by critiquing and fine tuning your strategy
  3. The organization hears engaging questions and challenges about their plan, which leads to uncovering new ideas.

A Red Team is pulled together to match the client’s needs and they meet for as little as a half day to several days.

Consider using outside experts to add expertise to a business challenge. The experience will be a transformative.

This is a guest article from Jeff Prouty of The Prouty Project. Jeff is a Collaborative Partner at the Collaborative Leadership Center.

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