Don’t Get Caught by the Enemies of Learning

Erik Gabrielson

Erik Gabrielson

Creating a business culture in which all employees are encouraged to learn increases employee engagement and generates greater possibilities for the business in the marketplace.

Creating a learning culture is challenging. Often it’s unsafe for an employee to say, “I don’t know,” yet that admission is the critical first step of learning.

Expert Erik Gabrielson helps organizations and their people avoid these enemies of learning:

  1. Unwillingness to be a beginner
  2. Blind to our blindness
  3. The desire for comfort
  4. The insistence on being certain of outcomes
  5. Confusing opinions with knowledge and confusing awareness with competence
  6. Fast Food or the magic pill
  7. Letting our judgment get in the way (I like/dislike; I agree/disagree; I do/don’t see the value)
  8. Trying all the new fads but building practices in none of them
  9. Asking only technical or nit picky questions.

Gabrielson says companies that create a learning culture experience greater employee output and business success. They start with setting expectation of the standards for learning and the leaders model the behavior. Alignment is a process that soon is incorporated into the organization.

Erik Gabrielson is a partner at Activ8, LLC.  Activ8 helps individuals, teams and organizations achieve higher performance by channeling intent into purposeful, powerful action.

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