User Profile: Space for Building Relationships

Workshop participants used indoor and outdoor space for teambuilding activities.

Blandin Foundation retreat participants used indoor and outdoor space for team building activities.

Organization: Blandin Foundation

Retreat Challenge: Build community among participants.

Strategy: Use meeting rooms and outdoor spaces to build relationships among retreat participants.

The Plan and Result:
Each year the Blandin Foundation hosts ten Blandin Community Leadership Program retreats for community leaders at the Collaborative Leadership Center at Sugar Lake Lodge. According to Valerie Shangreaux, Director of Leadership Programs, the venue contributes greatly to the learning. “We use a variety of meeting spaces to focus on individual and team goals,” said Valerie.” We use both classrooms and informal breakout areas for group and one-on-one coaching sessions. We also encourage participants to use the many outdoor spaces during their free time because participants in the cohort-based program build a network over the five-day retreat.” The result? Community leaders who start the retreat as strangers develop a camaraderie that allows for the exchange of ideas and the building of relationships that extend beyond the leadership retreat.

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