Leave the Canned Programs at Home: Go Custom for an Offsite

Group meeting

Nothing canned here. A custom program for this group.

Going to a location away from the office for a meeting or retreat takes planning. It’s also valuable time away from the office and the business at hand. And, there’s an added expense. So to make the most of an offsite meeting, create a custom program to match the needs of your company and the business challenges you need to solve.

Using an offsite location also allows you to work with an experienced facilitator who will help you plan and design a program suited for your company. Companies like The Prouty Project and Meaningful Connections have teams of facilitators and business planners experienced in custom programs.

Custom programs might address.

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Organizational Development
  3. Board and Team Development
  4. Team Development
  5. Leveraging LinkedIn
  6. Personal Branding
  7. Navigating the New World of Work
  8. Lifting Up Leadership

Planning your meeting is more than developing an agenda – it’s a collaboration to learn about your company, team, and business challenges to design a retreat or meeting based on your desired outcomes.

See a complete description of these customized programs on the Collaborative Leadership Center at Sugar Lake Lodge website here.

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