Lifting Up People Yields Results

Kathleen Crandall

Kathleen Crandall

If you want to have an impact on business, you must have an impact on people. Expert Kathleen Crandall shares why:

  • Business grows when people feel valued and engaged in the workplace.
  • People who lead and motivate others to do their best are crucial to enabling success.
  • People who become aware of their impact move toward positive intention.

Meaningful Connections designed a new approach to employee engagement called Lifting Up™ Leadership. This is a mindset that engages the heart and the mind in how we work together with better results. The Lifting Up mindset embraces compassion, empathy and unconditional support for self and others.  It requires trust and a selfless commitment to others.

This starts with self-awareness, removing judgment and having clarity around our impact, and it grows when people learn to connect in more meaningful ways online and off. It prepares us for the new world of work, where the future is intrapreneurialism, which is built on meaningful connections.

This is a guest post by Kathleen Crandall, a founder of Meaningful Connections, a leader in personal branding, online visibility using LinkedIn, and career and new world of work strategies. Consider building Lifting Up™ Leadership and Meaningful Connections into your next corporate retreat or attend a Meaningful Connections event. Meaningful Connections is a partner in the Collaborative Leadership Center at Sugar Lake Lodge.

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