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Tammi Krone

Tammi Krone

Client: Tammi Krone, Associate Regional Vice President, HelmsBriscoe

Open Event at Sugar Lake Lodge: Lifting Up Leadership retreat May, 2014. Next Lifting Up retreat is October 22-24.

Although she works in the meeting and event industry, Tammi Krone didn’t love attending retreats. “I’m not a touchy, feely kind of person and never enjoyed retreats, said Krone.

So what happened when Krone attended Sugar Lake Lodge’s May, 2014 “Lifting Up Leadership” retreat? As quickly as the retreat began, Krone discarded old stereotypes of a retreat filled with only feel-good exercises.

“I was surprised,” Krone said. “I loved every second of being there!” The retreat was hosted by Meaningful Connections. The focus was bringing together a group of leaders to understanding their impact on people and the power of lifting others up to have an impact on business.

“The tools we used were amazing because they were very practical and fresh. I learned so much about myself and where I am professionally and personally,” Krone said. “One of the most important benefits was the opportunity to meet, get to know and learn from the amazing people attending the retreat. I gained a lot from their backgrounds and experiences.”

How has Krone’s opinion evolved about retreats? “After registering I committed myself with an open heart and mind,” Krone said. “I was so pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the retreat and got so much out of it.  I’ve shared my experience with many friends and colleagues. I think they were as amazed to learn about my experience as I was, especially those who know me best!”

The Lifting Up Leadership Retreat held in May, 2014 at the Collaborative Leadership Center at Sugar Lake Lodge will be offered again October 22-24. Details and registration information here. The retreat is led by Meaningful Connections. For more information contact Sugar Lake Lodge at 1-800-450-4555.

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