User Profile: Why Surveying Your Team Leads to a Better Meeting

The Boulay management team

The Boulay management team

Company: BOULAY

Challenge: Rethink the annual retreat to create discussion and consensus among firm partners.

The Plan and Result:
The annual partner retreat for BOULAY, a leading accounting and financial consulting firm, is an important event to dig deeply into business planning. To effectively accomplish this, managing partner Mark DeNucci wanted the partners to be fully engaged, so he worked with Jeff Prouty of The Prouty Project on planning and facilitation. Prior to the retreat, Prouty conducted interviews with the partners and asked them to complete a survey about the topics to be covered at the retreat.

The result? Taking the time to survey the team before the retreat allowed the group to get to the core issues and focus on specific strategies and plans at the retreat. “The partners enjoyed being participants and Jeff facilitating created an environment of learning and results,” said DeNucci. “The partners left the retreat at Sugar Lake Lodge with goals on improving billing and collections, beginning a partner performance standard and developing an acquisition strategy.

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