What is the Collaborative Leadership Center?

Fred Bobich

Fred Bobich

Developing a Leadership Center has been an idea of mine dating back 25 years. It stems from our involvement with the Blandin Foundation and the successful Blandin Community Leadership Program that is hosted by Sugar Lake Lodge. We’ve learned that a great location with superior amenities and service can significantly enrich a leadership program experience.

We are ready to launch the Collaborative Leadership Center at Sugar Lake lodge as an Experiential Learning Destination for people, business and organizations seeking strategic growth and learning.

The center partners with a diverse group of organizational development companies, facilitators and consultants to provide Best-in-Class resources to corporate clients, emerging leaders, high-potentials and thought leaders under one roof in a seamless, effortless offering. This include the Prouty Project and Meaningful Connections. Exceptional facilities, lodging, and recreation merge with professional collaborators to create a unique destination for people and organizations that want to make an impact.

We’ve also developed the Collaborative  Leadership newsletter written with our partners to share relevant information and insights in organizational development, trends in business, training and thoughts on leadership for your benefit.

Fred Bobich
Owner, Sugar Lake Lodge and the Collaborative Leadership Center at Sugar Lake Lodge

Thanks for visiting our blog. The Collaborative Leadership Center is located at Sugar Lake Lodge, just 2.5 hours north of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn. We write even more about leadership and team development in our newsletter. Subscribe here and we’ll mail it to you quarterly.

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