Why Employers Need to Listen Up

Rise Kasmirski

Rise Kasmirski

By the year 2020, there will be 5 generations working side-by-side in most workplaces. Each generation brings different expectations and motivations to work each day and it’s the role of management to figure out how to maximize the talents of everyone for mutual benefit. Career strategist Rise Kasmirski shares tips on embracing the new world of work. You can also enjoy highlights in this video.

1.Engage with employees and encourage communication.

2. Ask employees how they can make their greatest contribution.

3. State clearly what the employer needs; and ask what employees need.

Engagement creates an environment that allows both parties to share expectations and needs. Kasmirski says that the biggest challenge employers will face is employee retention. Engaging and team building with employees is beneficial and is a key strategy for employee retention.

Rise Kasmirski is a partner at Meaningful Connections, a national leader in personal branding, online visibility using LinkedIn and career and new world of work strategies. Meaningful Connections is a Collaborative Partner at the Collaborative Leadership Center at Sugar Lake Lodge. In May, 2014 Meaningful Connections hosted the “Lifting Up Leadership Retreat” at the lodge for women leaders.

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