Improving Team Communication


Real advice about improving team communication from Peter Bailey of The Prouty Project: Improving communication will help a team achieve better performance and solve touch business challenges.

Learn how to improve team communication from Peter. Watch the video.

Peter works with teams using the Insights® Discovery Personal Profile, a unique tool that improves the performance of your team in many ways.

  1. The entire team recognizes other styles and learns how to improve communication.
  2. Provides your team with information about their personalities and their impact on others.
  3. Personalities are identified by colors and a common language is developed.

The Discovery tool is led by Peter Bailey of The Prouty Project in a fun, interactive and memorable retreat setting.

What color are you? Contact Peter to learn more.

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The Prouty Team enjoyed an offsite retreat.

The Prouty Team enjoyed an offsite retreat.




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