10 Minutes to Build Your Online Brand

10 minutes a day

Build Your Online Brand

We’re thrilled to feature a guest post from LinkedIn expert Anne Pryor. Learn more about Anne on her LinkedIn profile and join the Meaningful Connections LinkedIn group.

Each weekday morning at 7:00 am I spend 10 important minutes building my online brand on LinkedIn. In the past five years I’ve grown my contacts 500% and tracked that nearly 60% of my business comes from my LinkedIn connections and their connections (my 2nd degree contacts). Here are a few tips from my morning “coffee time” ritual to make to make meaningful connections.

1. I post an update. I share an article, an insight or information that might be useful to the 4500+ connections I have on LinkedIn. Not only am I sharing valuable information, but I’m gaining exposure for my online brand. TIP: Make this easy. Set up Google Alerts on the top three topics and things that you want to be known for (as branding expert, Kathleen Crandall says) and share relevant articles on your profile.

2. I scroll through all updates. When I find a post or article that might be of interest or value to my connections, I Like, Comment or Share it.  Again, I’m sharing great resources to my connections, which encourages others to share my updates. TIP: Always be the first to Like, especially if it’s on an ‘Influencers’ post.  They will get a message in the flag that you ‘Liked’.  If you can’t be first, be second so your name shows up.

3. I check “Who’s Viewed My Profile.” I have a specific strategy called my “Light Hug” approach to reach out to anyone who’s viewed my profile. TIP: Keep the message meaningful and relevant – non stalk-like.

I challenge you to take 10 minutes tomorrow morning to do something meaningful to strengthen and your build your online brand. Can you do it? Will you do it? When?  See you online at 7:00 am.

Be well, my new friend,

Anne Pryor

Anne Pryor is a LinkedIn trainer, certified online brand specialist and co-founder of Meaningful Connections, a national leader in personal branding, online visibility using LinkedIn, and career and new world of work strategies. Meaningful Connections is a collaborative partner of the Collaborative Leadership Center at Sugar Lake Lodge.



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