How Leaders Can Learn More Quickly

Peter Bailey

Peter Bailey

Three Stages of how Leaders Learn
Guest Post by Peter Bailey, The Prouty Project

Each year The Prouty Project brings hundreds of business leaders to the Collaborative Leadership Center at Sugar Lake Lodge for retreats, strategic planning meetings and team building events. Peter shares his best ideas with our blog readers on helping company leaders learn faster, grow stronger and give back more quickly to their teams and organizations.

Organizational leadership development is more effective and sustainable when it’s perceived not as a one-time event but as a journey. To paraphrase Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”

1, 2, 3: How Leaders Learn

  1. Leading Self begins with self-awareness and management, both critical components of Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) model. The Insights Discovery™ tool is used to help people understand their working style and how it impacts others.
  2. Leading Others adds awareness and action of working with others, be they direct reports, peers or supervisors. Using the EQ model, the group works on team dynamics, change management, empathy and organizational awareness.
  3. Leading the Business has participants applying all they have learned not just for themselves but at a higher level on behalf of the company. This stage expands their view from seeing only their platforms to the interconnectedness of strategic business perspectives which impact the entire organizational enterprise.

A recent participant had this experience. “I could not put a price on this experience. I was going to say my batteries were recharged, but rather that I’m fully plugged in. I’m equipped to begin the process of change from the way things have always been done.”

Leading self, leading others and leading the business prepares leaders to learn faster, grow stronger and give back more quickly to their teams and organizations.

Peter Bailey is senior vice president at The Prouty Project. He specializes in engaging business leaders and teams in transformational experiences that enhance their skills, systems, and processes for working better together. Learn more about . Reach Peter at [email protected]. The Prouty Project is a partner at the Collaborative Leadership Center at Sugar Lake Lodge. Learn more about our unique center.

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