Update Your LinkedIn Profile in 3 Steps

Anne Pryor

Anne Pryor

Anne Pryor is our guest blogger. Anne is a LinkedIn expert and  founder of Meaningful Connections.

300 million professionals use LinkedIn to find jobs, connect with decision makers and build their online brand. How does your profile look and what does it say about you? If you’re ready to improve your use of this important tool here’s how to update your LinkedIn profile in 3 quick steps.

  1. Control your Profile Settings. Go to “Settings” (Settings is found under your little photo on the top right) and turn ‘off’ “Profile Updates.” This allows you to edit many features in your profile without blasting minor updates to your connections.  Visit my blog to learn why this is important and for more settings insights.  TIP: I “change my oil” every Sunday at 3:30 pm. I update my profile and check my Settings.  I do this on Sunday because most people aren’t on LinkedIn during that time and they won’t see the post on their Home page when I make the changes.
  2. Update Your Image.  Present yourself in the best possible way by having a professional headshot that represents your brand.  Here are great examples by Jennifer Kelly, certified professional brand headshot photographer.
  3. Create a Professional Headline. This is the most important line on LinkedIn and it’s right under your name. You get 120 characters to tell your story.  Start with your title and your Company if you’re working. And include what happens because of you, that’s a suggestion from brand expert Kathleen Crandall. Be sure to add keywords to help with search engine optimization. If you don’t write a headline, LinkedIn will use your current job title as the default. TIP. Forbes shares the 5 Most Important LinkedIn Features You Aren’t Using Correctly.  

LinkedIn in a proven network for professionals, be sure to Look Good so that you can Be Found and present your online brand well by using a quality photo and carefully crafting the headlines with keywords letting people want to read more. Take these steps today to improve your online brand and you’ll create meaningful connections.

Be well, my new friend,

Anne Pryor

Anne Pryor is a LinkedIn trainer, certified online brand specialist and co-founder of Meaningful Connections, a national leader in personal branding, online visibility using LinkedIn, and career and new world of work strategies. Meaningful Connections is a collaborative partner of the Collaborative Leadership Center at Sugar Lake Lodge. If you’d like to hear more from Anne and our collaborative partners, visit our website or subscribe to our monthly newsletter, The Collaborative Leader.

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