Creative Brainstorming With Your Customers

Searching for creative new products and solutions? Look no further than your customers to creatively brainstorm new ideas and inventive solutions, according to Sam Smith, the newest member of The Prouty Project.

Wrapped around the approach is empathy, according to Sam. “Empathy is one of the most powerful tools we have,” says Sam. “Once a company looks at problems and challenges from their customer’s point of view, new ideas explode.”

To create empathy within your organization, Sam suggests using creative brainstorming.

  • Talk to your customers in a meeting or casual workshop environment – what do they want from you, your products services?
  • Define a point of view based on customer insights.
  • Take an informed approach to ideation by testing ideas with customers to learn what they like, don’t like.

Sam is a creative innovation expert and he helps organizations develop a point of view based on customer insights.

Contact Sam to discover a mindset that unlocks creativity. Sam is on Twitter at @stretchpoint. The Prouty Project is a partner of the Collaborative Leadership Center at Sugar Lake Lodge. This year, the talented Prouty team brought hundreds of business leaders to Sugar Lake Lodge for organization, team and leadership development and business planning.

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