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Thanks to our guest bloggers, Nate Garvis and Tom Wiese, founders of Studio/E, a unique place to learn and practice the art of entrepreneurship regardless of your profession.  Learn more at www.yourstudioe.com

Nate Garvis or StudioE

Nate Garvis talks change with a group.

There’s What You Plan, And There’s What Really Shows Up. We live in times of unprecedented change and the changes aren’t just dramatic, these days change is constant.  Business models that survived for decads are experiencing their sell by dates within a few years or even months.

Leaders, regardless of their sector, generally aren’t trained for that kind of scenario.  For the most part, we’re encouraged to predict the future by studying the past and planning through deep dives into data, metrics and minutely crafted business plans.  It’s not that this type of effort isn’t good.  It is good.  But it’s not good enough on its own for the demands of today’s world.

Crafting Change 

Studio/E was created so that leaders and institutions can explore, launch and navigate new ways of delivering value and create the future they desire rather than react to what is coming at them.  Indeed, as we look around at the various institutions that make up our communities it seems clear that the issue isn’t that there aren’t enough smart people.  And dig a bit deeper and you’ll discover that the issue isn’t even that there aren’t good ideas out there.

Regardless of the sector, the unifying challenge we consistently encounter is “how do you get traction for a good idea and grow it?”

The Studio/E Cohort Experience

The Studio/E experience has been designed out of the research produced by Babson College, the number one ranked school for entrepreneurs globally for 21 years running.

Rather than the “plan and do” managerial mindset practiced by most, the entrepreneurial mindset values taking smart actions that you can learn from and build upon.  The methods and practices of assets-based thinking, needs-based product and service design are married to the risk-reducing strategies of iterating within stated boundaries and the catalyst of enrolling others behind your ideas.  And all of this is played out amongst cohorts that are purpose built for diversity and hybrid thinking because when your challenge isn’t to plan harder but to learn faster, then ensure that you’re getting input from others who know something you don’t.

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