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Today’s leaders must learn to navigate and bridge cultural differences in the workplace to attract top talent and compete in the ever-changing world economy. Gain the skills you’ll need to solve cultural-related business challenges, and to assess the intercultural competence of individuals and teams within your organization.

IDI Programs at The Leadership Lodge resulting in Intercultural CompetencyCultural differences in the workplace can cause unnecessary friction on teams, undermine creativity, and hamper communication between groups and individuals.

Not all cultural differences are associated with ethnicity. For example, a younger worker may have a very different problem-solving style than a more seasoned employee. Varied educational and economic backgrounds often reveal cultural differences at work. Opposing political viewpoints can contribute to heated conversations around a conference table, especially during high-profile campaigns. And employees who were born, or have lived outside the U.S. may have a very different worldview than someone who has lived in the same community their entire life.

If your organization is struggling to understand and address cultural differences of any kind, the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) exercise available through The Leadership Lodge, would be a valuable addition to an offsite or team building event.

The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) assesses each person’s ability to shift perspectives and adapt behavior to cultural differences, a skill referred to as “intercultural competence.”

The exercise provides insights on how individuals and groups make sense of, and respond to, cultural differences in the workplace, at home, and in the community – by measuring one’s mindset and skill set. The 50-item questionnaire can be completed in 15 to 20 minutes – typically in a group setting – and is followed by a workshop-style session on understanding and applying the Inventory results.

If your organization wants to learn to navigate and bridge cultural differences, gain new tools for solving business problems, and understand the intercultural competence levels of both individuals and teams in the workplace, you’ll want to learn more about this valuable tool.

Call 800.450.4555 for more detailed information about the IDI and how your team can develop intercultural competence with this timely, forward-thinking session in conjunction with a meeting or offsite event at the Leadership Lodge.

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