The Smart Chair

The Smart Chair: A Lesson in Creative Thinking

Written by Fred Bobich, Owner, The Leadership Lodge

I recently met a prominent doctor who works for Medtronic and he shared a story about how sitting alone in an Adirondack chair overlooking the lake is where he finds the best inspiration and creativity. It never really dawned on me, but those chairs have become iconic for various reasons and they are often associated with relaxation and rejuvenation. After discussing the benefits of clearing the mind with this doctor, we deemed it “The Smart Chair.”

Time in the smart chair is time well spent.

Do you need time in The Smart Chair?

As it turns out, we often promote “recharging your batteries” Up North with images of our tranquil Adirondack chairs because they have continued to embody what the resort holds dearest – serenity. Every corporate group that has come through The Leadership Lodge continues to credit their outside-of-the-box thinking to this fresh, inspiring location. We’re not ones to brag but we are pretty positive that our surroundings are hard to beat. Oh who are we kidding…we love to brag about our soothing, Mediterranean-esque, spring-fed, luscious tree-lined Sugar Lake. It simply cannot be put into words, you must experience it for yourself.

So what can you expect from a session in The Smart Chair? It goes a little something like this:

One starts by claiming valuable Smart Chair real estate on the shores of Sugar Lake, whether on the grass or the beach or a personal dock, offering up one-of-a-kind Northern Minnesota sunset views.

A slight breeze rustling through the surrounding pines, the whirr of a sailboat passing before a strategic tack and a muffled distant murmur of a loon song come together to create a mesmerizing mind-clearing soundtrack. The natural surroundings give your brain a chance to stretch its legs and, with that clutter left far behind, the ability to finally think clearly. Before you know it, an hour has passed and you’ve solved a problem that has been standstill for weeks.

We’re not experts in meditation but we like to think our surroundings can offer an unprecedented jump-start for your team’s creativity. If you’re looking for a place to push that creative thinking into overdrive, I can personally point you in the direction of over 40 lakefront chairs beckoning to be put to good use.

I challenge your group to experience this kind of “outdoor thinking” in a typical boardroom. Who knows where your next big idea will come from? Maybe it’s time for a session in The Smart Chair?

If you’re ready to achieve your next “Aha!” moment, contact us and let’s get you in The Smart Chair, stat.

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