Experience a Great Team Building Program in the Great Outdoors

Who says that complicated business challenges are best solved while seated at a conference table or in a board room?

“Methinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow.”
– Journal of Henry David Thoreau; August 19, 1851

“Henry David Thoreau liked to get his feet muddy,” writes historian Helen Bowdoin. “Nearly every day, year round, he was out walking – exploring every nook and cranny in Walden Woods.” Thoreau was a man of deep thoughts, and some of his most profound observations were recorded in his Walden journals. His writings reinforce the idea that many of us get our best ideas while spending time on our feet, out in nature.

In a follow up to our post about The Smart Chair, similar strides toward business success can be made by striding – or walking – through the woods surrounding The Leadership Lodge.

Team building starts outside of the boardroom.

Build your team to thrive together.

Environmental psychologists at the University of Michigan “found that a 50-minute walk … improved executive attention skills such as short-term memory.” Similar benefits can be derived from spending time in nature, getting some fresh air, and thinking on the move with a unique team building program available at The Leadership Lodge and facilitated by The Prouty Project.

The Complexity Challenge program takes your team outside for a journey through 130 acres around Sugar Lake Lodge. They must work together to effectively prioritize and meet the demands of the challenge within a deadline, while maintaining an awareness of their surroundings to stay on course. Communication and collaboration are key to success, and team members will come to understand the power they bring to bear as a group, rather than individuals.

Each team is equipped with the necessary tools to both navigate the woods and accomplish their business goals. Team members will literally be thinking on their feet as they search for clues, devise their strategy, and envision their end goal.

As with all team building sessions, the Complexity Challenge is customized to help you meet your specific goals and objectives. The Challenge can be undertaken any time of the year, and is suitable for team members of all physical abilities.

Learn more about this unique, exciting, and truly enjoyable team building program by calling 800-450-4555. Let us help you develop a custom Complexity Challenge that will help your team “go confidently in the direction of your dreams,” – thinking with more clarity and moving with more purpose, in the great outdoors.

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