Offsite Training Should Fire Up the Mind, Not Put It to Sleep

The Leadership Lodge on Sugar Lake recently sponsored a research study done by a market research company Diedrich RPM, to unearth what the latest top trends are in training and development locations for businesses.

In our last blog, “The Smart Chair: A Lesson in Creative Thinking,” we shared how beneficial it would be to get yourself and your work group up to Sugar Lake to experience “The Smart Chair” to free your mind and to get all of your creative synapses firing.

We’re pleased to let you know that the research backs this up.

Most Important Elements of an off-site training destinationIn fact, when measuring overall satisfaction in off-site training, the learning environment has the most impact of any other variable. Companies that are still using stodgy hotel and office conference rooms are completely missing out. Who among us hasn’t been involved in an off-site training seminar that was held in a hotel conference room? Only the most dedicated of you aren’t thinking, “When can I get out of here?” just a couple of hours into day in a conference room.

Too many companies are still conducting off-site training in hotel conference rooms that aren’t necessarily equipped for experiential learning.

It simply doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, if you want to make a lasting impression on your team, whether it’s training in leadership development, strategic planning or team building, the most important factors are the learning environment, having top-notch meeting technology and food. The Leadership Lodge on Sugar Lake prides itself in all three areas.

Our environment, as we said in The Smart Chair blog, has to be seen to be believed. Our technology includes anything you might need and our food, partnership with the Chef Marshall O’Brien Group, is second to none.

You don’t want your group falling asleep in another conference room. We welcome you to wake up their minds at the Leadership Lodge on Sugar Lake.

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