3 Reasons Your Team Needs The Leadership Lodge

Do you want your team to become inspired in 2017 – a group who thinks outside the box, trusts each other and aspires to do more than the bare minimum?

The Leadership Lodge at Sugar Lake Lodge is a great place to start.

IDI Programs at The Leadership LodgeThere is no better time to step back and reevaluate your goals than with the start of a new year. Resolutions bring about the ability to get on track and stretch your creativity, reach for newer (bigger) goals and accomplish things you’ve been meaning to since, well, forever. Sometimes you need a little push outside of the proverbial comfort zone and into an inspiring space with thought-provoking challenges and goal-setting practices.

Here are THREE reasons your team needs The Leadership Lodge this year:


Strategic Planning Starts Here 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – you must get away to get it right. Our program providers start every strategic planning process with a blank sheet of paper to design an approach to best serve your needs. Along the way, we use an engagement philosophy to ensure people at all levels of the organization feel ownership over the final plan. The outcomes are ten-fold: a unified vision; a one-page strategic plan to implement and share company-wide; and most importantly, improved teamwork and communication.

It’s Time to Invest in your Team

As your organization and business evolves, it’s critical to develop leaders into a team that maximizes talent and develops as a group that shares unity of purpose. The Leadership Lodge is an ideal destination to help your team come together outside of their normal working environment and focus in on how to work with more focus and more productively.  We partner with several expert programs including the Prouty Project, Meaningful Connections and ACTIV8, so no matter what goals your team would like to accomplish, they can take on a fun and adventurous program that enhances performance and drives success.

Lead Your Leaders to Being Better…Leaders

From personal branding to LinkedIn to Insights Discovery – an array of workshops to choose from are sure to enhance your offsite retreat. We connect you with an expert resource that specializes in personal or group leadership development. Our providers run deep and include the Prouty Project, Meaningful Connections, ACTIV8 and a group of talented and engaging trainers/facilitators.

Do we have your attention? Contact us to plan your leadership retreat or visit our website for more information. Let’s make 2017 the year to Convene, Challenge, and Change together.

About The Leadership Lodge

The Leadership Lodge Advantage: Are you ready to create the change necessary for your organization to thrive? You're at the right place. We offer the best in corporate meetings, team building retreats, and customized programs.
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